Jockey Wheels

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Exciting subject.

I've got an old 9 speed XTR deraileur - still works fine but needs some new jockey wheels (11 teeth).

Now: the XTR ones are a whooping £28 - pressumably with ceramic bearings.

LX are £7 is it really worth paying the large premium for XTR? Will I really notice the difference?


  • artillerydave
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    no not at all.
  • z1ppy
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    Are your old ones still turning, do they have notches on them instead of teeth, if not, then they ain't worn out yet.
    The "Ninja throwing star" look is only there appearance half way through their life - don't scrap them unneccessarily...

    LX will do the same job, as the XTR ones - take a look on Ebay for the flash looking KCNC ones too.
    Some ppl complain that if you've spent the money on an XTR mech, you should have XTR jockey wheel to retain the performance - I'm still waiting for them to explain the increased performance benefits...

    Sleep is for the dead, but I sure could use some.
  • yogi
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    They're definitely knackered - will get LX.
  • gs3
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    You could try these if you want ceramic bearings and 11-tooth wheels for £15-ish delivered.