What to eat when NOT Riding!!!!!

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There is loads of advice about what to eat the day before, during and straight after riding, but can anyone please tell me what i should be eating on days off. For instance, if i was unable to ride for a few days, do i still base my diet on largely carbs, or would it be more "general" healthy stuff. Any advice or pointers to where i can get the advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!!!
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    Well if you're not training because you're tapering for an event, then carbo-loading will help store your muscles full of carbs ready for the event.

    But if you're just taking a few days off the bike then look at eating low GI foods with a low GL count as well
    http://www.bikeradar.com/fitness/articl ... load-16428

    Just make sure you eat a balanced diet of around 2500 calories a day with lots of fruit and veg. You'll probably find that your appetite falls anyway.
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    Thanks for the info mate and the link is really helpful too. good on ya!!
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  • This can be trained to some extent, but most people can't `load' more that 2500 calories. There's only so much storage capacity in the human body outside of fat cells.

    So in most cases, there's no point in stuffing carbohydrates unless you plan a decent-length ride with 24 hours or so. You'll just get fat :(

    I would imagine that an `ordinary', balanced diet would be appropriate if you don't expect to exercise hard in the next day or so.

    Nold says 2,500 Calories per day, but I know from harsh experience that this is way too much for me. This is a very personal thing, and I am an old fogey; but my experience is that only observing your own waistline over a substantial time period is really going to tell you what your non-training energy requirement is.
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    Depends how long your off the bike for. If it's only a day or two the extra calories won't make a huge difference. In fact they may be a benefit as muscle is built during rest days so your body will still be using energy for the protein synthesis (the reaction uses energy as well as protein unsurprisingly). Just eat healthily maybe cut back on the second desert.