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£800-£1000 Hardtail

MowardMoward Posts: 5
edited May 2008 in MTB buying advice
I'm getting back into MB after a gap of about 5 years, my old Gary Fisher is pretty mullered so I want to get a shiny new steed.

my choices so far:
1) Spesh Rockhopper Pro Disc
2) Merlin Malt 4-08 with XT groupset
3) Are Cannondale worth considering at this price?

Its mainly going to be used for trail riding / XC.

Thoughts on the above and any other suggestions are welcome.

I also want to introduce the girlfriend to the sport, although the budget here would be about £200-£250, so far i think Deacathlon will be the first port of call, she is quite tall at 6'1" so I think a mens frame might suit her better?


  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    Check out the Boardman Pro,top spec Hardtail !
  • MrKawamuraMrKawamura Posts: 192
    Moward wrote:
    my choices so far:
    1) Spesh Hardrock Pro Disc
    2) Merlin Malt 4-08 with XT groupset
    3) Are Cannondale worth considering at this price?

    You must mean Rockhopper Pro?
  • MowardMoward Posts: 5
    my bad - yes, rockhopper pro disc
  • jeffers696jeffers696 Posts: 328
    rockhopper is a solid bike i love mine
    Specailized Enduro 08 - Beast
    OnOne 456
  • hoathyhoathy Posts: 776
    I wasn't disappointed with the rockhoppers i had. Also (i suggest this in every thread it seems) check out the Marin Rocky Ridge! its more for the trail than the XC but will do XC fine too.

    For you're girlfriend a mens frame probably will be best as she is tall, but try out a womens one as well if you can! GT do some good bikes at this price check out:
    - Kona Hot '96 - Marin Rift Zone '09 - Cannondale Synapse Carbon '06 - Kona Caldera '98 - Kona AA '94 - Dawes Kickback II - Cannondale BadBoy '11 - Genesis iOiD SS -
  • artillerydaveartillerydave Posts: 715
    Merlin / Rocklobster for that money will be hard to beat in my opinion. Find and unhappy Merlin owner, I don't think such a creature exists.
  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    Merlin Malt 4.
    Merlin Rock Lobster.
    Rockhopper Pro.
    Stumpjumper HT.
    Boardman Pro.
    Focus Raven.
    GT Zaskar.
    Marin Eldridge.

    test em all if you can.
  • dartdart Posts: 35
    I'd take a look at KonaMike's recomendation if you can get over a little bit of brand snobbery. The Boardman Pro has been given top marks by MBR and is getting great reviews, the spec is unbeatable for the price.
    I have a Boardman Comp and it's been a great buy, £550.00, I've got a few hundred miles under my belt on it and haven't had any issues.
  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    On One scandAL?

    Great frame, not a bike for big drops but hey it rocks on singletrack! It can run a 130mm fork (or less if you want)

    Anyhoo..... ... plete.html
    My Pics !

    Whadda ya mean I dont believe in god?
    I talk to him everyday....
  • RoddyRoddy Posts: 22
    I'd go for the Specialized Rockhopper comp disc, excellent light bike that handles really well. Been riding mine hard for the last 4 months round the trails in the Highlands with absolutely no probs.. Eats up the trails at Fort William, Wooltrax and Golspie without any trouble
  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    Orange P7?

    Bombproof, if a little heaver, or an EVO8?

    Giving it Large
  • jamie12345jamie12345 Posts: 68
    try the spesh p all mountain
  • MowardMoward Posts: 5
    Thanks for all the replies, think I will go and try a few out this weekend,

    I'm also starting to look at Full suss, for around £1200-1300

    options I'm looking at here are
    1) Commencal Meta 5.5.3
    2) Specalized FSR XC Pro
    3) Trek Fuel EX7

    I've seen mixed reviews about the spesh whereas the Commencal seems to draw a lot of praise?
  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    1) Commencal Meta 5.5.3
    2) Specalized FSR XC Pro

    I've had both of these, although it was the bottom '07 FSR XC and '08 Meta XT, so far the Meta has been preferable for everything. The FSR XC was a bit too close to my hardtail so I moved onto something bigger, the Meta feels far more bob free on climbs, yet much more plush when it needs to be. The FSR XC felt a bit dead in my opinion, it was pretty speedy through :?

    I'd try both out though, the Specialized is longer, the silly long stem makes the handling feel a bit lost but you can stick a shorter one on and tighten it up.
  • rossgalwayrossgalway Posts: 43
    I have a trek 8000 and would highly recommend it. :D
  • Ive just bought a Focus Killer Bee..... the 07 model got great reviews so hopefully the 08 model i have opted for should be awesome to :wink:

    Focus Killer Bee Disc 08
  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    You seem set on an alu bike, so I'd probably get the Rock Lobster Team Tig or Merlin Malt 4.

    You can get them for £900 buying online, I believe - and Merlin are brilliant at swapping bits over for a slightly custom spec if you want them to.

    So you can get exactly the right tyres, carbon bars, Sram instead of Shimano shifting- whatever.

    The Boardman seems fantastic spec also - and is a very good looking bike.

    Was the Focus Raven mentioned above too? Check that out on Wiggle.
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