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Anyone get it? I thought it was time to try something other than C+ / Cycle Sport / Pro Cycling etc so just bought issue 8 - I cant beleive they use the same outer packaging they use for their clothes for a mag (only rapha!).... but I have to say - somewhat quick to read though it is, i think it is a work of beauty.... i am going to buy a few more back issues and am certainly thinking of subscribing...

What do everything else make of it?

I am slowly getting sucked into this whole rapha thing... someone help me before i go bankrupt!!


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    Its ok isn't it? Not sure I would subscribe though.
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    £9 an issue :shock: :shock: :?
  • plus £4 postage :shock:
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    plus £4 postage :shock:

    Blimey, Razzler is much cheaper than that :shock: :oops:
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    Harry B wrote:
    Blimey, Razzler is much cheaper than that :shock: :oops:

    Thats for a different sort of "man bag"
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    The typesetting is rubbish. They really shouldn't use capital letter height numbers in prose setting and they could easily set up some better H&Js in their layout template, as at the moment the overtightness of the character spacing in some paragraphs and extreme gappiness of word-spacing in others is on a par with my local freebie newspaper.

    Everything else (photography, art direction, repro) is fine.

    It might be better if it were perhaps an inch taller and wider – it feels like a company annual report rather than a magazine and is too small for a three column grid to look anything other than cramped – though rapha might claim it's a 'journal', not a magazine anyway.
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    It is quite good.

    I'm in Lille just now and I'm off to Roubaix on Saturday, only because of their edition on the Roubaix velodrome which made it look like the coolest place on Earth and I have to see it for myself.

    Can you believe, though, that no-where in this town, can a man hire bike for a day? It's insane! I've got to go there by bus! how humiliating!

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    plus £4 postage :shock:
    i know but have you seen the packaging? im sure it costs as much to manufacture as the magazine! :D crazy isnt it!
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    I subscribe so it costs a bit less than £9 per issue at £34 per annum and it covers postage costs too.

    I think it's a superb magazine - their feature articles go into a depth that puts the like of Procycling and Cycle Sport to shame.
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    Agree with Andyp, superb.
    For me the photography is mindblowing....