Repairing small cuts in Tyre tread

Rich Hcp
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I have a pair of Vittoria Rubino Pros on my Allez Sport and the rear has some cuts in the tread.

They haven't caused a flat, it's where maybe I've gone over a small stone, I've picked it out of the tread, and it's left a cut. The kevlar liner in the tyre seems to be working.

I read that these cuts can be repaired with super glue

Is this true?

I was going to give it a go

Giving it Large


  • redddraggon
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    Repairs can be done with super glue - but only do it on the tread (never on the sidewall)
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    Clean out the cut and wet it a little (superglue likes moisture) fill with glue and let the tyre down a little to close up the cut. Wait a while and pump it up again, job done :D
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  • Rich Hcp
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    I'll give it a go

    Giving it Large