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anybody own a scott still unsure what hybrid to go for..scotts seem to have a good reputation..its the sportster p4 or p5. ... PORTSTERP4



  • Tariq
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    I've owned a Scott Sub30 hybrid for two years. It is light-weight (11.5kg), has 700c wheels and can be fitted with tyres in many different sizes (thin 23 to thicker 35 ). The bike is very reliable and great fun to ride, I've used it on canal tow-paths, pavements, parks, roads and it copes well. The brakes are sharp and crisp, as is the gear change.

    The only down-side is that it looks very flashy and you have to keep an eye on security.
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    ...I commute on a Scott Sportster P3 that I have owned for about 3 years. It has done getting on for 18,000 miles. I have replaced the the chainset and cranks, chain and and block, and I'm on my second set of Schwalbe Marathon plus tyres apart from that, which is general maintainence I have had no problems with the bike....does the job well...
    ...all the way...'til the wheels fall off and burn...
  • I've had one for a couple of years. It's used for commuting, touring and the odd (careful) mtb excursion (with knobbly tyres).

    It's been pretty bullet proof - once I got the shop to fix the initial problem of the gear cabling which was all too short. Very odd....
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    Tariq wrote:
    The only down-side is that it looks very flashy and you have to keep an eye on security.

    If you can bear to do it, spray the frame a yucky colour using an aerosol. Poorly applied pink, gold, or lime will greatly reduce a bike's thef-appeal. If the components are high end ones then mess up the branding too - eg where it says "Shimano" or "Camapnolo" - with a metal file. Rims can be sprayed too. Of course, the bike will be a pain to re-sell, if you ever want to, but it's better to bring secondhand cost down from £200 to £100 than to have to replace a £600 bike.

    Less drastic and likely to have some effect: tape up the frame.