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Stoke-on Trent?

tomb118tomb118 Posts: 32
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i'm just getting into this mtb thing properly. Im currently a student in sheffield so have no shortage of riding nearby. Over summer i'll be back in stoke though (i live pretty much on junction 15 of the m6) and was wondering if anyone could reccomend me any routes round there? I know theres the white peak and cannock chase but was hoping for something a bit closer to home!


  • gk141054gk141054 Posts: 175
    Mate, I work in Stoke and am looking for a similar thing...

    I think there are some woods in Hanford right near junction 15 somewhere... there is a link to a google map with all the trails on around here somewhere.

    Yesterday though, I went to Park Hall nature reserve yesterday with a mate and there are some wicked trails round there you can ride... would recommend it!

    Trentham must have a few trails too I would have thought.

    Let me know if you find any others... always looking for new stuff.
  • tomb118tomb118 Posts: 32
    are you allowed to ride in a nature reserve? sounds like the kind of place erosion wouldn't be appreciated! had a look on the maps though and it does look pretty cool!
    after a bit or internet rummaging i managed to find this:
    im not back in stoke for a month or so yet so can't check it out but if you do let me know how you go on.
    currently bored revising but, so im spending too much time on the internet, sitting at the desk with the books in front of me counts right?
  • tofu2tofu2 Posts: 10
    Hi Tom,

    There are a few good routes around Stoke and the surrounding. There are Hanchurh woods, Swinnerton Woods, Keele the list goes on and on.

    A good option would be to have a chat with the the Lyme Racing club. It is a local cycle club that has a very active mountain bike section you get in touch with us our forum, website or visit the club house on a Friday 8.00pm at Whitfield Pavilion, Westlands, Newcastle.

    They do rides on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings and often things between.

    I hope that helps
  • kangarookangaroo Posts: 1,199
    Just noticed this thread. and if anyone is interested, Goldtec do a ride every tuesday night around Hanchurch. they meet just outside the poachers cottage, not far from the entrance to trentham gardens.
    they also have a facebook page
    what are brakes for again
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