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Ashton Hill XC - good for a beginner ?

jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
edited May 2008 in MTB rides
Hi guys im after a bit of advise please.

Im a beginner and would like to try out a trail centre as everyone says they're so much fun and the local woods are getting a bit boring.

I live very close to Ashton Hills, is the XC loop there ok? Or what other centres would you recommend? (don't mind travelling so any recommendations with in UK)

Many thanks


  • JaredUKJaredUK Posts: 14
    Hi Jairaj

    Unfortunately I cannot give you that much detail on the XC trail at Aston as I have only used it once or twice and haven't been there in a year or two. From what I remember though it was a good trail well set out, its on the side of a bloody great hill too so it gives a good mix of downhill (mixed with the DH4 track I think) and uphill slogs.

    As for other XC loops around Aston there are some good ones between Wendover - Coombe Hill - Lt Hampden. Im going to be uploading a route I often do soon on, Search Chilterns route, UK, England.

    I live near Amersham, so if you're up for any rides pm me.

  • davydesigndavydesign Posts: 178
    Aston hill might be a bit much for a beginner (although its hard to judge your skill without a bit more background about your bike riding up till now).

    You might be better off trying somewhere like Swinley forest near bracknell instead and see how you go from there, it's got a better mixture of trails for all abilities IMHO. i ride with some "beginners" who find Swinley tough going and I wouldn't take them to aston just yet.

    I'm not trying to put you off going to aston hill though, cos i think its awesome ;-)
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    might try and get to Swinley forest some time soon give that a go first and take it from there.

    Jared im from watford, so might give you a shout some time to hook up for a ride.

    thanks again
  • indysmithindysmith Posts: 276
    i went up Aston Hill the day i got my bike. (i used to live in wendover)
    I did the XC trail and it destroyed me. Evil trail Evil trail Evil trail. LOADS of fun, and if i can do it, anyone can do it, but it definitely wears you out.
    Jared was right in saying that it's mixed with a downhill track, which is a lot of fun, although slightly terrifying for a beginner, and the uphill is ridiculous. There were many parts where it was so steep i was getting wheelspin (!!!).
    Overall, yeah, DO IT! you'll feel like you've accomplished something!
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