First clip in pedal ride. very happy.

muz250 Posts: 95
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Orderd myself a set of clip in pedals from wiggle and a pair of dhb shoes. I found them v easyer to use than expected and didnt have any bother unclipping when I had to stop at junctions. Was worried of course about falling over and stuff but was realy easy to unclip, just twist your ancle.

Also this 25 mile ride I,v been doing took 10 mins of my previous time done it in 1h 37mins, thing was I did it the oposite way around meaning that I cycled the flat half first and the hilly part second, so I dont know how much that was to do with the pedals or just the fact I was well warmed up for the hills. Also am getting fitter all the time but 10 mins is a big improvment plus I stopped at a few more junctions than the last time I rode the route and took a little big of time getting clipped back in. Also didnt use the small chain ring once, should have got a double.......