What bike £500 to £700

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Hi has anyone got any suggestions. My buget is upto £700 max to spend ona a road bike. It will be my first

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  • Slow Downcp
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    What will it be used for? Racing, general riding? What sort of distances?
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    Best advice I can give, along with similar threads on this site, is to go to your LBS, get fitted properly for a bike, try a few out and see which one you like best. I did recently and just got an Orbea which I love. The LBS matched the cheapest price I found online no quibbles and provided an excellent service.
    Hope this helps :)
  • richa
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    Specialized Allez Sport.
  • meagain
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    Best advice I can offer is....get thee to th'bay!

    For example, this "Kuota Kharma Full Carbon Racing Bike / 10spd Ultegra" went for 620 quid a couple of days ago. May not have cost the claimed 1700 quid (tho' that probably was list price) but a lot of bike for the money! And plenty like it. And no doubt more as the credit crunch hits those who bought expensive bikes and then never actually rode them!
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    Second the advice re your LBS (a proper LBS mind not a halfords or the like). Dont go on a sunny Saturday afternoon either :P . Or not to mine anyway :shock: . Get fitted properly, thats the best advice you can have when buying a first bike in a long time and why I would recommend not going to ebay in this instance.

    Did the above one day last year, several hours later I rode home on a brand new Specialized Allez after 20 years not having been on a bike 8) .

    Does the £700 take into account a helmet, lights (you might not need lights right now with Summer almost upon us, mine are off the bike now 8) ) water bottle & holder and frame pump? Thats the minimum I leave the house with.