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trails close to wirral.

scotttomoscotttomo Posts: 531
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I know delamere and llandegla are pretty close but has anyone from the wirral, or even liverpool found any decent natural trails they could let me know about?
I live in wallasey and work shifts, so at the moment riding during the week is limited to the only natural trail i know near me, which is within riding distance and is beginning to get a little boring.
Having recently passed my driving test i'd like to find trails i could drive to in say 20mins or so, so i can have a mid week blast before or after work without spendin ages gettin there.

Any help or replies greatly appreciated in advance,
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  • bigcolinpbigcolinp Posts: 1,688
    20 minutes from Wallasey doesn't take you far mate.
    I go for a mess about in Storeton Woods as it's at the top of my road, it's tiny but there's some drops, doubles and I've just built a little hip jump. For XC you could do a loop of it in about 10 minutes!
    Never checked out Bidston Moss but I suspect it won't be up to much.
    Another option would be through the tunnel and up to Rivington area.
  • scotttomoscotttomo Posts: 531
    Cheers bigcolinp for the reply. Where bouts you from mate?
    Bidston moss is the local trail i mentioned and is quite good for some xc with quite a few drops, nothin big maybe 3-4ft, no jumps though :( . takes me bout 20mins to get round but probably coz i'm bout as fit as ricky gervais but less funny :wink:
    Ever been to thurstaton or there abouts? A lad in work suggested wirral country park which i think is in thurstaston :oops:
    Cheers again,
    "If i was a slug i don't think i could handle it, i'd just throw myself in the salt pot" -Karl pilkington

    Whyte 46, i fall off it alot!!
  • bigcolinpbigcolinp Posts: 1,688
    I'm in Higher Bebington, not ridden Thurstaston Common but I believe it's Ok for some cheeky XC if "the man" doesn't catch you. I only moved over to this side at the end of last year so I'm hoping to get out a bit this summer and explore, there's quite a few little blue cycle route signs near me in Brimstage area so I suspect you can do a decent loop but it will be pretty flat.
  • hi guys i am from new ferry and i am wanting to get out for a decent ride a few times a month... i am really new to mountain biking and would love to know whereabouts you reccomend... keep me posted... if you fancy gettin together to go for a session let me know


  • deafasapostdeafasapost Posts: 27
    i'm in greasby, so not too far. betsy coed? (sp) have a few good routes i've heard, llandegra (sp) is one on the list when i get my fitness up again.
    wirral way is a good ride (nice leasurely one in most parts) about a 40m loop too.
    also, royden park (frankby) to thurstaston nice ride, not a big ride, but decent ish.

    delamere a good one, not too far either. can get v busy on a good sunny w/end tho! :)

  • scotttomoscotttomo Posts: 531
    You from liverpool then bigcolin?
    Bidston moss has quite a few technical ascents if you fancy goin exploring although never really been to any 'proper' trails so might dissapoint :oops:
    Thurstaton sounds good with the possible premise of gettin chased by 'the man' :lol:.
    Rampantfish i'd be more than happy to go on a group ride if you and anyone else fancys some 'cheeky xc' as bigcolin put it :lol:. Or maybe bidston moss? Or even further afield?
    Open to any ideas if anyone fancies it?
    "If i was a slug i don't think i could handle it, i'd just throw myself in the salt pot" -Karl pilkington

    Whyte 46, i fall off it alot!!
  • Andy31Andy31 Posts: 17
    Hi Guys, im down in Eastham so appart from the Wirral way and Thurston, think were a bit stuck!

    May scoot up to Storton and give it a try after it was mentioned to me the other day.

    If anyone fancies arranging somthing in a couple of weeks, Llandegla maybe?? let me know could do with some new cycling buddies.
  • scotttomoscotttomo Posts: 531
    hey andy would be up for llandegla in a couple o weeks but beware i'm slow and crash prone :wink: let me know, hopefully some others will reply and we'll get a group goin :)
    "If i was a slug i don't think i could handle it, i'd just throw myself in the salt pot" -Karl pilkington

    Whyte 46, i fall off it alot!!
  • Andy31Andy31 Posts: 17
    Ace im not into the whole setting times etc just out for a good ride a laugh, be testing the new bike anyway. :D

    Hows Saturday 21st??
  • Start at teh top of Thurston Common and head down towards Caldy, some good bits to ride, well worth a blast, and then there is a trail you can pick up behind the rugby club to bring you into Frankby (Royden Park - I can never remember the name ).

    The Wirral has some great places to ride as there is soo much greenary in the middle
  • peetapeeta Posts: 6
    There are loads of xc rides on wirral and from wallasey you can fill your boots on loads of rides. You are not going to find much in the way of full on downhill but there is still load out there.

    Why not drop down onto the prom and head out to west kirby, when the tides right you can get across to Hilbre.

    Carry on through west kirby and you can get on the wiiral way.

    Come off the wirral way at caldy and head up to caldy woods for some sharp climbing and short but fast decents.

    Stay on the wirral way past thurstaston and cut off up the dungeon a steep climb through a gulley up onto a path that runs on to church farm.

    From here you can ride on to thurstaston hill where you can have all the fun you like on some great single track, bare rock with some very big drop offs.

    Nearer to wallasey you have got bidston hill, lots of crackin little paths and rough bare rock and all 10 minutes from home.

    Best thing is you can get more or less all over wirral travelling off road.
  • peeta wrote:

    Best thing is you can get more or less all over wirral travelling off road.

    I think you're bang on mate, the Wirral has got some superb riding right on our door step.
  • peetapeeta Posts: 6
    Nice one Fuzz Monkey Five, Scott does'nt need to load up his bike and drive miles when he can just get the bike out when he feels like it and crack on with riding.

    Just been on a ride today round Wirral with a mate new to biking round Wiral. He's from Liverpool and has always gone miles to get his rides in, not any more had no idea just how good the biking is around here and can't wait to get out again.
  • anyone tried the pine woods in formby.i know the rangers dont like it but if you go after 5 when all the day walkers have gone home its alright.just park your car well away from the woods incase you need to make an escape without them getting your reg.
    it may take 30 to 40 min to get there from the wirral but sounds like the wirral has it good anyway
  • Andy31Andy31 Posts: 17
    Well if anyone fancies it me and Scott plan to get up to Lladegla on Saturday probally early afternoon.

    If you interested drop me a PM

  • WildPodsWildPods Posts: 1
    Storeton Woods
    Wirral Way
    Bidston Moss
    Grange Hill West Kirby
    Caldy Hill (maybe overgrown now)
    Royden Park
    Thurstaston Common
    New Brighton Prom (Roads but nice in summer)
    Moreton Lighthouse Area

    The Idea for wirral is to pick some and string then together i.e. grange hill to cald hill down to wirral way the up to thursaston common.

    ImHO if you have to wheels you can use them to get from one place to another! hehe ;P

    And back to car ofc
  • BobarioBobario Posts: 1
    +1 for bidston hill, theres a lot of hidden little trails on the far side past the windmill. its a bit small but a fun way to spend an hour or so, especially if you do a couple of laps of bidston moss too. nothing overly technical though. I've recently taken to riding from the new brighton end of the prom to hoylake via the dips and then the grass bit at the top of the sea wall. mostly to keep me fitness up as its harder than riding on the cycle path. its a good few miles there and back, but again its all flat apart from the short steep hill just past the derby pool and the hilly bit past the gravel carpark at leasowe. the dog walkers dont like it either, but the cyclepath is usually full of dog walkers!
  • dhutchdhutch Posts: 343
    Jumping on this ten years late, but as I expect most still exist I thought I would keep it together. Just moved into the ares (near oxton ta centre) and having done a bit of riding around Bidton hill and the like after work. Thurstaston Common has been mention to me a few times.

    But yeah, looking to get out a bit and meet some new people.

  • scotttomoscotttomo Posts: 531
    Daniel, it’s never too late mate. 12 yrs later and I’m checking my old threads to find this, made up. Never saw all these great replies either, thank you all for the suggestions.

    Recently got back into it after a long time, still got my old bike but it’s still going strong despite being a bit long in the tooth like myself 😂

    If anyone fancies a blast out, despite the current situation, I’m more than happy to meet up whenever.

    Take care,

    "If i was a slug i don't think i could handle it, i'd just throw myself in the salt pot" -Karl pilkington

    Whyte 46, i fall off it alot!!
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