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first ride!! What an awesome day!!

trailblazer83trailblazer83 Posts: 87
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Just had my first day on the trail being a total MTB virgin. I went on Pain for pleasure at Lady bowers Lake. It was awesome.

But the day did not start well; coming down from my flat I got a nail in my tyre!! 15 yards from my front door, that fixed we drove to the lake and my mate forgot helmet!! Not good omens to the day! To make matters worse we rode of an left map on roof of car, to be honest this all made me think that it was time to go before it got worse.

Thank god we didn’t!

The weather was awesome! We handled the climbs and struggled through the rocky downhills, which was challenging but fun. It was at the last leg I realised I love mountain biking! We hit the patch of the track that was rocky trail. We rode over it choosing awesome lines half the time and laughing when we hit the wrong ones. The peak district decided to suck my front tyre into a boggy section and then it was on to loose rock all the way to the pub. It was an awesome day and a great way to break my mountain bike cherry!

One thing, I am saving up for a full susser! My bum was shook all over the place and was tough keeping the back end in the game. It was all good fun though and that last bit of trail made all the pain and climbs worth it .

Not sure why I posted this, I just wanted to tell someone I guess.


  • jeffers696jeffers696 Posts: 328
    lol nice one feeling is the same with most people on here. just love it
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  • not loving saddle bum :lol:
  • jeffers696jeffers696 Posts: 328
    did you have cycling shorts with pading?
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  • yeah, i think i would be in big trouble if I didn't, I think I just need to get used to my saddle.
  • jeffers696jeffers696 Posts: 328
    ye over the years my censored has taken a pounding :lol:
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  • FSR_XCFSR_XC Posts: 2,258
    You'll know you had a good day, when you wake up tomorrow & can hardly move 'cause your muscles have all gone tight. . . . .

    . . . . then the only thing to do is go out & do it all again!
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    remember to stand on the pedals during the rough sections too. I see quite a few nivices about riding rooty and rocky sections seated, and it always makes me wince!
  • aww man i was sitting! scholl boy error :( ill get it next time :D I thought keeping weight on my back end would stop it skipping out.
  • CheshleyCheshley Posts: 1,448
    Yup, there's loads of good riding in the hills around ladybower, pack yourself up, get a good map and get yourself over towards Edale and Mam Tor for a good long ride :D

    For a long XC clallenge, the British Heart Foundation hold a sponsored event starting at Ladybower in October. The route takes in quite a bit of tarmac but it's 42 miles and is my motivation to get over my knee surgery and get back on the bike this year.
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  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    Standing through rough sections lets natures shock-absorbers (AKA, knees :wink: ) remove lots of the bounce instead of you're censored . :twisted: Don't knock HT's on rough trails. If you get used to nailing it on a HT you'll fly when you get your full-susser 8)
    Not sure why I posted this, I just wanted to tell someone I guess.
    Hey, that's why we all signed up to Bikeradar (and others :wink: ). We're ALL obsessed by this thing called Mountain Biking. 8) You tell us you're story and we all sit here day-dreaming about the next time we can experience our own little bit of single-track heaven.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    aww man i was sitting! scholl boy error :( ill get it next time :D I thought keeping weight on my back end would stop it skipping out.
    ah, but your feet are on the pedals, so your weight is still on the rear.

    also, don't concern yourself too much with what the back is doing, as long as the front wheel is going the right way, you should be fine.
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