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Flamborough/Bridlington Ride + Pics

GT DestroyerGT Destroyer Posts: 1,719
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Some shots "off the edge" It was quite windy with it being right next to the sea, on one of these pics if the bike had fallen thre wrong way it really would have gone right off the edge!!






Some "arty" shots with the cliffs in the back ground, hopefully!



A couple of shots of the trails - They weren't that long but still very enjoyable.




This was quite a big drop-off, but with like MASSIVE drops on either side - I decided I wouldn't give it a go!


So these pictures were taken from a ride from the North landing of Flamborough, you ride right down the coastline to south landing, then on the road a little while, towards the centre of Flamborough, but you then head to a place called Danes censored . Ride down a zillion steps and up the other side, you then find yourself dodging golf balls on a trail which takes you down the golf course, then a leisurely ride down into Bridlington.

Its not a berm riding, drop hopping, north-shore zipping, monster. Its more of a nice relaxed ride. If I was in the area I'd love it to be recommended to me, thats why I've gone to the trouble of posting pics and writing it up.



  • TurricanTurrican Posts: 755
    Nice pics and i like the trails looks nice, i normally like thrashing about and stuff but its also nice to have a nice trail ride. The other reason for reply is do you know any other nice rides or simular rides around Scarborough as may pop over there in next couple days thanks
    I don't have a bike addiction problem.....bikes seems to have a problem with just can't seem to stay on.
  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    If you don't mind a short journey, Dalby Forest has a fantastic red route about 20 miles out of Scarborough. A 23 mile red route, skills park and some black bits. Not similar exactly but still :)

    There's lots of easier paced trails and country roads all over the North York Moors around there to explore though.
  • GT DestroyerGT Destroyer Posts: 1,719
    Don't know of any other routes, but the one from North landing starts at the end of North Marine Road. Its quite good as there ae no styles to get off and go over, you do have to get off and go down some very steep steps on 2 occasions, but apart from that its straight into Brid centre.

    There is a trail going North of the North Landing towards Scarborough, but I didn't get up there, but there is one there for you to investigate.

    Dalby is completely different - Its purely for riders, its a lot more demanding even the red route. Not that I don't love Dalby!

    As said before it was a nice, easy ride, nothing complicated.
  • TurricanTurrican Posts: 755
    Yeah i shall explore Scarborough and see what i can find, ive been there number time and it looks good to ride about, jumps, steps and im sure i can find some trails leading of along coast. As for Dalby Forest, well i really love to go there but dont have a car :( and friend of mine hasnt got his car any more, otherwise heard dalby is great to ride.
    I have ridden once years ago before it changed, so i know about trials and ive read its changed now, cant wait one to take look and ride some day.
    I don't have a bike addiction problem.....bikes seems to have a problem with just can't seem to stay on.
  • birchybirchy Posts: 309
    one option if you dont have a car is to get a train to malton and bike to dalby i live in malton and do this quiet a bit its around 54 miles there back doing the red route just depends how fit you are i suppose :)
  • TurricanTurrican Posts: 755
    Well i have thought about getting train to Malton and riding to Dalby :) , however no 1 is my bike isnt a full on XC bike its more do all 4x bike that i use for DH/ freeriding street and any thing else where i find to ride. No 2 is i have only 2 ring chainset and with bash. No 3 i s i suppose i could ride there but by time ive jumped a round and dh fast etc ill be too tired to get back to malton :( . Well i need a car as im bored here with the flats and thanks.
    I don't have a bike addiction problem.....bikes seems to have a problem with just can't seem to stay on.
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