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I thought I'd give them another try (been a few years since I purchased them last),but after about 1,500 miles, same result as the last time, whacking great holes in the tread.


It can't be just me can it?


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    no, its not just you i have a pair in my garage just like that pic, may even worse in places. however: you can sort of keep using them in a squeeze. And the non-armadilo ones don't suffer with this (i have tons of them) and are sufficiently pucture resisitant for everything I have used then for.
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    I changed mine recently because I had noticed a slight loss of speed - huge areas where the rubber had come off were the reason. That said, no actual punctures, which I was quite impressed with. 8)
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    I've done around 1,000 on mine, fingers crosed they last a bit better.
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