Nive woman driver (not really)

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Pootling along this morning at about 18 mph when I see a small hatchback approaching (at speed) the road end to my left which I was about to pass. She didn't even slow down. I had already predicted her stupidity and was taking evasive action (as in the other side of the road) before she had pulled out. I gave her a loud "WHOAAAA" but she didn't even slow down even though she had seen me by this time. I catch up with her at the next junction (as you do) and pointed to my eyes and said "do you want try and use these" Her response "GET TO F_CK" how nice. So I called her a "stupid fat cow" and cycled off. What put a smile on my face was the line of traffic that stretched back for about 2 miles due to broken traffic lights that she was stuck in!! :lol:


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    You should have waited at the lights and said "What kept you ? I thought you were in a hurry"