Left Knee ??????

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Ok got a problem,

been riding about a 4 months and the last few weeks my left knee really hurts when i am riding. My right one stays fine.

The bike is set up properly and i can ride for 40 - 50 miles easily. but its always the left knee becoming umcomfortable.

once i am off the bike it is fine,

any ideas ??????????


  • Yes. Take it easy :)

    Pain is nature's way to telling you that something is not right somewhere. In my experience, joint pains are not something you can train away -- they generally get worse if you try.

    Various adjustments are reported to help with knee pain when cycling -- raising the saddle, using shorter crank arms, holding the knees closer to the top tube, etc.

    If none of these things work, in my opinion the only sensible thing to do is to take some stress off your knee joint. And I see it, that means either (a) using lower gearing and a higher cadence, and/or (b) not pushing yourself so hard.
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    Another possible adjustment (if you use clipless pedals) is your cleats. If they're not in the correct position for you they will inevitably cause some pain or discomfort somewhere.
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    I would recommend you going to a GP or a physio - preferably a physio via your doctor. My right knee developed a problem over 5 years ago. The eventual diagnosis was that the kneecap was moving outwards. I was not convinced that the surgeon who was assigned knew what he was 'going in' for. So I declined surgery. Point is, the physio gave me exercises to strengthen the inside leg muscle, whilst stretching the outside ligaments/muscle. Combined with clipped shoes and knee supports (theory is that they keep the knee area warm, whilst giving minimal - but worthwhile - support). One very significant bonus is that the kne strenghtening exercises improve the muscles used for climbing.

    Bottom line, at least go to your GP, even if it takes time to get through the sometimes uninformed general practioner.
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