Attracting Sponsorship???

ian baptiste
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didnt know where to post this but hey ho.

there is a lad in our club who is getting really good, already this year from a 57min 46sec 25TT to a 51min 32sec!!! hes also had a couple of road race wins and a few other good road results (top 5).

my question is, should he or us ask people to sponsor him, or should he wait until he is approached? i know this sounds a bit big headed or that i am boasting him but im not, its just ive seen people a lot worse than him get sponsorship, and lets face it, its good times hes doing, and he has not been riding for very long!

im asking as he doesnt exactly have money to burn, just enough to keep his hobby going. cheers all.


  • LeighB
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    Go out and get knocking on doors. I don't have any experience of cycle racing but did do some motorcycle racing and its surprising where sponsorship can come from; one very famous Scottish racer's first sponsor was a knitwear firm. Some racers that we did not consider to be that good had sponsors simply because they went looking. You can have a long wait for people to knock on your door, go out and blow your own trumpet. Good luck.