reversing the stem

andy610 Posts: 602
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to reverse the stem do i just undo the 3 bolts turn it over and tighten 3 bolts back up, i know this will make my bars a bit higher as well so can i take one of the spacers out as well as my stem seems to have 2 spacers with it


  • gkerr4
    gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    yes pretty much - remove the bars too of course.
  • andy610
    andy610 Posts: 602
    so if i take out the 2 spacers so the bars go lower should i leave them out or put them on the top of the stem,
  • Slow Downcp
    Slow Downcp Posts: 3,041
    You'll have to put them above them stem otherwise you won't be able to tension the headset.
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