hi, i bought my first "proper" bike in feb this year and have become utterly addicted. i train most days between 1 and anything up to 5 hours (when i don't have to be at work!) and i'm amazed at my current progress. though i'm sure my current ability would be laughed at by some of the more seasoned bikers on this forum i've come on leaps and bounds in comparison to when i started.

next year i'd seriously like to consider taking part in some sportives and maybe even try my hand at a few races. the only problem being that i got seriously ill last year and ended up in intensive care for two months! the end result of which being diagnosed with a condition called addisons disease (my adrenal glands don't produce the natural steroid cortisol). i now have to take several steroids on a daily basis for the rest of my life, hydrocortisone, fludrocortisone and DHEA.

this may seem a stupid question considering any races or sportives i may enter next year would be about as low a form of competitive cycling as there is around in the uk but am i right in thinking you need a licence to take part and does part of applying for this licence involve a form of dope testing?? if this is the case i don't know where i would stand in terms of my meds.

anyone have any info on this??



  • I think you might need to apply for a therapeutic use exemption - certainly that's what the pro's have to do. Might be worth asking your GP because even if he/she doesn't know much about it they should be able to point you in the right direction.
  • sicrow
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    Your GP will be able to provide you with an exemption certificate for the drugs and steroids that you need to take, once you have the certificate then it's no problem.
  • Kléber
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    Sorry to hear about the illness but well done for enjoying the riding.

    You can get a medical certificate but it doesn't allow you to take anything, even if you are required to take the medicines you're on. Some pros have had to stop riding because they just can't take the medicines they need for their daily life.

    However, you are riding at a much more humble (and sensible level) so I really don't see a problem. The whole point is enjoyment, not coming first. Talk to British Cycling.
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    You don't need a licence to ride UK sportives, nor is there any drug testing. They are not even technically races.

    You do need a racing licence to ride bunch races organised under British Cycling rules. Not sure on the technicalities on TUEs for amateur racing and I've never heard of drug testing at any amateur level races - speak to British Cycling membership services (0870 871 2000) to find out what you would need to do to cover your back if you do decide to race.