Rear puncture repairs

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Had my first rear puncture this pm and whilst I managed to sort it I struggled with the whole wheel on /off business. Also managed to screw up the gear indexing in the process.Any tips to avoid this and how to speed up the change

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  • redddraggon
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    Put the rear into the smallest sprocket - makes getting the wheels off easy. And pulling the derailler rearwards will help the wheel to drop out.
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  • allen
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    Do you stand bike on bars and saddle or just lie it down ? Is either way easier ?
  • feel
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    I would stand it upside down on bars and seat if the ground is level, This LINK might be useful.
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  • richardjallen
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    allen wrote:
    Do you stand bike on bars and saddle or just lie it down ? Is either way easier ?

    I stand it upside down, on bars and saddle but make sure its grass underneath otherwise the hoods get scratched.

    When putting the wheel back in I leave the tyre fairly soft because otherwise even a 23mm tyre is too wide to get through the gap between the break pads (and that's with them opened). Then I pump it up further.
  • LeighB
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    Why take the wheel out, if you are patching the tube take the tyre off in situ.
  • peanut
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    its not too hard .I put the chain on the smallest sprocket loosen the wheel quick release lift the bike by the saddle stem and the rear wheel should drop out if it doesn't just press the rear derailier back so that it is fully extended as if it was on the biggest cog then the small cog should clear the jockey wheels and the wheel it will drop out.
    If your frame has a chain support bush on the inside of the rear forks then use that to hold the chain up out of the way.
    Never tried with the bike upside down it should be about the same except you don't have gravity to help get the wheel out