sorry i no you have heard it before, which bike

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i am really interested in getting a road bike as i really love bikeing, going fast, must get fitted, bike rides and getting about on, i have been looking about and i cant make my mind up what make and bike. i think i can spend upto 400 pounds but as it will be my 1st racer i want a good 1 but not really expensive. please can you help and give me your opinions, thanks for your time and please be nice as this is my first post


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    please can some one help, all i want to no is whats the best bike for the money and what is best to keep away from
  • A bit more expensive, but it looks more expensive than it costs

    or in budget
    Claud Butler

    Or try ebay.
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    The problem is really that there is no 'best' bike at any price range in general terms. What is best for one person won't be for another. Look around at your options and talk to other people you know who cycle about their bikes and what they like or dislike about them, and think about what you want to do with your bike to narrow down your options. For instance if you are mainly going to be riding in the city with a little light off roading at times then maybe a 'cross bike would be best - or if you live in a hilly area and like longer rides then perhaps a more sportive focussed bike with a compact chainset will be the way forward... etc
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    thanks for the help and the bikes on evans were really nice, i will keep a eye out and maybe get a second hand 1 if not i will just keep saving the coins
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    Go to your LBS and have a look, for an extra £99 you could get a specialised Allez, it has great reviews on this site , but before you part with the hard earned ride a number of potentials and get a feel for what you would like.

    You will get better sevice at your local than at a chain though
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    If you are working and your company will do / does the Cycle to Work Scheme, you could quite easily look at a bike retailing at £500+

    Alternatively look for one of last years models, which will be sold a little cheaper.

    Finally look at second hand bikes.

    As for what to buy, you are better trying a few bikes - either just sitting on them to get a feel for size etc or test riding a few.
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    Most important is the fit, so get yourself to your LBS. Cost is relative so your budget is more flexible than you think. Most LBS's have some second hand stock knocking around so 300 quid may well buy you a much better bike than you think, leaving you some cash for equipment. If the bike shop know their stuff then if you describe your needs they should recommend something suitable. At the end of the day buying from a shop should mean that you are fairly well protected from buying something unsuitable.
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    use the search function Dale. this topic has been extensively and comprehensively discussed previously this yearon this forum . Framesets componants prices etc.Some members have spent many hours checking prices and parts around the country to recommend new cheap bikes options to new members . You'll appreciate some of us may be reluctant to go through the same process every time a new member asks the same old question without first using the search button :wink:
    the search facility is pants I have to admit.

    Heres a previous post with an example of a self-build bike of reasonable spec for under £400 substitute cheaper parts to reduce the price . Prices correct Nov 07

    . Naturally there will be some extra items to add like computer and pump, bottle holders tools etc and of course allow for postage costs.
    My suggestion is based around the excellent value Ribble Frame 7005 with horizontal top tube.
    Frame : Ribble 7000 road incl carbon forks £115.00

    Headset : Ribble Cane Creek £15.95
    Stem : Ribble ITM Road £12.95
    Bars : Ribble Deda Oiega £13.95
    Wheels Ribble Shimano Tiagra £44.95
    Groupset Ebay Shimano Sora 9spd £150.00
    Saddle Ribble San marco £9.95
    pedals Ribble SPD M520 £14.95
    Tyres Ribble Continental ultra £8.95
    Chain Ribble Shimano 9 spd HG53 £6.95

    Total price £ 393.60 Mmm a bit more than I expected. Probably possible to save quite a bit on the groupset by buying 8spd individual componants and save on forks,headset,Tyres and saddle to get under £350.00
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    Look around the 2nd hand market for a while, I have just managed to get myself a Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Alu/Carbon with mostly Ultegra groupset in perfect condition for around that!
    You just have to be prepared to wait a while :(
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    It might be reassuring to know that bikes are pretty similar - the design is basically the same so even if you don't end up getting the absolute best bargain for your money when you are riding it you wont really notice the difference - the main thing is does it fit you properly.

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    If you are in the North of England or Scotland, you will have Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Op available to you. They do their own branded bikes which work well. Their £350 road bike has a good spec for the money and provided you aren't 6'5" like me they will make one big enough for you (i went for a Giant because they make bigger frames).

    If you are happy to order on line and do the final alignment yourself, you could get one of their 2007 road bikes (essentially the same spec as 08) for abount £221 plus postage. This would leave you quite a lot of budget to upgrade parts to a much better spec.

    Don't let yourself be told Sora parts are rubbish, that is not true, yes they are lower end but they are more often strong and durable and a great way to get on the road. I agree about Ebay, but it does depend on your location and your height/size as there is not often alot available for the bigger rider (IMO).

    Hope you find what you are looking for, and remember it is necessarily the bike that will win a race, but the rider on it!

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    "Know." It's a wonderful word. Don't let it die out Dale. :wink:
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    thanks so much for the help i will keep a eye on the second hand market first i think thanks again