reversing handle bar stem

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now that i have got my seat back in the right position im too far from the bars as i keep moving forwards to the bars so im thinking of reversing the bar stem so the bars will move back a bit more, my trek pilot 1.0 has a bontrager select 17 degrees stem will this reverse i think it will as it has the bontrager writing both ways, or is it best getting a smaller stem if i can


  • Garry71
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    I have a bontrager stem on my bike. I reversed it to point upwards and lose a bit of length, so yours should be alright as well. If you're not sure ask at your LBS anyway.

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  • drenkrom
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    Reversing your stem will change the reach, but also the height of the bars. Instead of changing one variable, you're changing two, which could cause a whole new problem. You'll just never know until you try it. Still, the shorter stem is the better option. The absolute best option would be to find a good shop with employees well qualified in bike fitting and going over your position with them. You won't break your bike trying out the reversed stem, so go ahead and see where that gets you.