Tyre options for a Xero XSD29

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After much to-ing and fro-ing with Halfords and their C2W scheme (see previous posts), I finally settled for a Boardman Performance Hybrid (Urban) bike. It comes with Xeros XSD29 rims and Maxxis Detonator 28C tyres. What is the widest/nobbliest tyre I can fit on this bike If I wish to take to some rough tow-paths/bridleways. The tyres it comes with seem rather slick for the wet day commutes, and we see a few of them up here in Edinburgh.
So, experts and armchair pundits alike, what type and size of tyre/tube combo can I put on these wheels to make it stick to the road in the wet and/or get grip on the graveliest of paths!?!


  • A kind poster gave me this link when asking a similar question on tyre size.


    I went over the recommended max by one size & it's fine. I don't run at the higher pressures of the racing guys, keeping it to 40/50psi for comfort rather than trying to reduce rolling resistance. If you're commuting, I'd recommend looking at a tyre with some fairly serious puncture protection. I'm also using gel tubes (belt & braces after a bad winter for pu%<t*res).

    Make sure the size of tyre isn't going to foul your frame or mud guards (if you fit them).

    Other than that choose your tread to suit your cycling needs. Good luck :)

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