swinley forest: Labrynth?!

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anyone know where it is? can you point it out on the map?



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    Here is a map of Swinley with some of the routes within the mountain bike area. The grey line is a loop I take there.

    If you start out at 3. Head up the hill.

    At the top you will see the reservoir

    Carry on forward on fireroad you will go down a hill then quite a steep climb.

    At the top turn left to the brim of the hill

    Labrinth is the first trail on the left.

    Alternatively its directly above the B in Bagshot Heath on the map (in the montain bike area).

    If you need a more high quality image then just pm me with your email address.

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    basicly in the red ring of xtreme mountaining biking are at the very botton there is a wonky shape surounded by fire rounds. its the bottom most area in the red line, right below the box which says exetreme mout.... it is at the top of the hill and wen u get there u will find a clearing. stick to the left on a small path. u will then get it severaly holes in the bushes where trails start. the best ones are the 1st and 2nd one in from the left. i go there regulary asnd they are great!!!! sorry bout the spelling!!!
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    If you want to find the rest of the trails why not join BOB , the guys who build these great trails??? They've got an intro ride this Saturday, go to www.bobmbc.com for more details..................
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