Bike route london to paddock wood Kent.

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Hi all

I want to start riding my bike to the office but haven't a clue on how to find a safe bike route (don't fancy using the M20 on my bike!). i Need to go from the city to Paddock wood in kent...anyone help..? Cheers all


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    Whereabouts in London are you going?

    I used to occasionally cycle West Malling to Kings Cross. I went up Wrotham Hill along the A20 to Swanley, through Swanley itself and on up to Sidcup. From there it depends... You could join that coming up seven mile lane. I suppose your other alternative would be through Sevenoaks and Orpington.
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    I'm going to be cycling to Paddock Wood as well soon. The difference is I'll only be doing 11 miles and not cycling all the way from London :shock:

    The most direct route would be Sevenoaks, Orpington and Bromley. There will be some good climbs and busy roads on the way however.

    Good luck

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