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newbie with a spanking new scott

mikeyb_lydmikeyb_lyd Posts: 11
edited May 2008 in MTB beginners
Well, decided to get back into mountain biking after selling my GT Tempest about 5 years ago...

Took delivery of my Scott Scale 70 last night, ordered from, ridden a grand total of about 100 metres but first impressions seem awesome! Love the way it looks and rides (although obviously going to test this properly with a friggin' great ride over the weekend)

Took a bit of a gamble as I couldn't find much in the way of reviews for this bike, just that 'Scott' in general made pretty good ones

Initial plans are to a.) take off refelectors and b.) get it a bit muddy. 'simple things'!! A long term idea includes the addition of hydraulic discs (my budget didnt stetch to a bike with them just yet)

Am now stuck at work, the suns out, and my bike just stood in the garage waiting to be tested. A.r.s.e
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