Which Helmet to go for

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I am unsure which helmet to go for and wanted any experience of anyone using my narrowed down choices. I will be wearing it for sportive events and L'Etape in 2009 so could be hot.

Specialized 2D £89
Specialized Decibel £45
Limar Pro 104 £63

I know the Specialized ones fit and would have to order the Limar and try it but assuming they all do.

The 2D and Limar are lighter than the Decibel but it does get good write ups for cooling. There is also quite a price difference between them all.

Any strong opinions or first hand knowledge?


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    Any strong opinions

    Oh dear.
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    I wouldn't assuming anything, just had a Limar Pro 104 delivered. Light as a feather, not bad looking, but the fit is just weird. It could be that its a bit big, but it just slides backwards however tight I do up the straps. I'm taking it back to the shop I ordered it from (fortunately not too far away) and will try the smaller size, but think I'll probably end up going for a Bell (as I have one at the moment) or a Giro (Atmos available for under £60). If you do want a Limar, try Bike+, only £59.50 including postage!
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    The Limar fit is different from specialized, so if the if the latter fits then go with that.

    I think the Decibel's ventilation is a bit iffy, so if you can afford a 2D, go for it.
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    I've got a Spesh Propero & it's great but the 2D is supposed to be about the best you can get - especially for £89 as I can only see it advertised for £99!
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    i have a 2D in silver - it is a decent fit on me.

    the best features are:

    it's so light you forget its there

    the ventilation is so good it becomes a problem in cooler weather.

    on top of that, it looks good and has nice touches that qualify the cost - like the really nice soft touch straps for example. It 'feels' like a quality item - like it is worth the money.

    I;m not a big helmet fan it has to be said - but the 2D is pretty sweet.
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    I have a Bell Sweep R, it is the coolest (in terms of ventillation!) helmet I have owned. I got my last one from All Terrain Cycles as I found they were way cheaper than anyone else for helmets. If it is good enough for team CSC then it should be OK for me!
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    MatHammond wrote:
    but think I'll probably end up going for a Bell (as I have one at the moment) or a Giro (Atmos available for under £60)!

    I am after an Atmos but can't seem to find it for anywhere near this price. Where did you see it for under £60? I have a stylus at the moment and the tightening mechanism is cr@p. It also cooked my brain last weekend.

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    I tried on the Atmos and it looked very nice however it soon became apparent how uncomfortable it was. The inside of the helmet was diggin into my head. Decided to go for a Bell Sweep R instead. Comfortable, will protect me and not bad looking. Also tried on a Spiuk Nexion - fits very well, looks the best out of the lot of them, though alot of mesh inside which I think on a hot day would be a problem.
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    helmets are dangerous - I usually wear a cap but the wind at 30mph starts to loosen it so i slow down. Recently wore a helmet and was shocked to see at the end of the ride that i had let my top speed get up to 41mph ( it fitted well) - see, dangerous :wink:
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    interesting theory feel!

    I have a met stradivarius - fits my head perfectly and also happens to be the best looking helmet (imo :P ). Cant fault it ( I got mine for about 100 euro, so the price wasnt outrageous either)
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    catlike are by far the best looking . when they look that good who cares about fit
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    The Sakana is the best looking of the Catlikes