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Coalville, Leics in the East Midlands

Jonboy26Jonboy26 Posts: 11
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Hi There, unfortunately i've got to the ripe young age of 40 and the few mates i used to ride with are either under the thumb and cant get out these days or have got so unfit they cant lift there legs over the cross bar!
I'm not a die hard MTB'er but do like to get out regularly on the cross country routes and am lookin for a bit of company on the trail if anyone would like to meet up?
I feel a bit sad havin to ask on the net but i'm not a weirdo or anything just love MTB'ing! Would love to hear from anyone who can ride out evenings and weekends locally but am happy to travel a bit further afeild and meet any groups.

happy mudslinging :D


  • baccodaddybaccodaddy Posts: 128
    hi , i ride not far from you ,im based in rothley ,having a rest week at minute but after bank hol i,ll meet up i,m out most days so message me
  • Jonboy26Jonboy26 Posts: 11
    Hey thanks for the reply. Sounds good to me. I'm away for a few days over the bank hols as well but i'll mail ya when am back and we can make a plan from there if thats cool for you?
  • baccodaddybaccodaddy Posts: 128
    no probs mate
  • FawdoFawdo Posts: 10
    Hi I too have the same story exactly, I live in Leicester and am trying to loose weight, so have been training at Rutland (not very good but ok for distance) and Cannock Chase. If your up for it I normally ride at the weekends but now the nights are getting longer would like to do some week nights too, miss the god dam gym and get out side!!!

    Let me know if you fancy meeting up.
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