Clicking on Giant SCR2

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When I first bought my SCR2 I was aware of a clicking/clacking sound which appeared to come from both wheels and put it down to new rubber bedding into the rims at high pressure - well as a novice it was the best I could do. Changing recently to new 23mm tyres I have noticed the same sound particularly from the back wheel where most of my weight is placed. This is where I've also placed a speed magnet and even wondered if this had anything to do with it. This stops only when the bike is stationary and threatens to spoil a great ride. I wonder if any other scr2 owners have noticed this and could enlighten me. Thanks.


  • Guyzie
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    Not a SCR, but I have 2005 TCR.

    I had a distinct click until I changed my bottom bracket last week.
    This was on a 105 triple set up. Old one seemed ok, but I guess under load there was something up with it.

    Before going to the above, maybe worth removing, regreasing and refitting your pedals too... cheaper than doing the BB.

    I've also had the rear derailleur just touch the spokes before which makes a nice tinging sound!

    Hope you find the click, it can be very annoying:-)
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    I've had an SCR2 for about 6 mths, and haven't noticed any clicking from the wheels. There have been various other creakings and clickings, mind, but not the wheels. I've had the bottom bracket replaced and the headset tightened. I've replaced the wheels with Aksiums (the spokes on the wheels it came with seemed to break almost daily, but I've had no problem with the new ones - touch wood).
    Hope you managed to get it sorted.
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    Hi, If i had to guess i would go for the wheels / spokes. I had a pair of wheels from an SCR for a while and although i had no problems with them i felt they were very flexible with not a lot of tension on the spokes. Could be the spokes moving / turning as the wheel flexes with your weight.
    what happens if you lift each wheel off the ground and spin it round, is there any clicking then ?
    What about when riding and you stop pedaling ?
    What about if you keep pedaling with your bum off the saddle ?
    Try these things and let us know, it helps to narrow it down.
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    also got an SCR2 (2007 model). the stock wheels aren't great - I had them go out of true often and also had a broken spoke, plus general sound of loose or rattling spokes. Just stuck some new wheels on last week - seem much better (fingers crossed).
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    Botton Bracket, mine has gone on my SCR 3 after 500 miles, It seems to be a problem with Giant that they use crap BB's as both my Giant MTB's had the same problem after a similar distance.
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  • simon_e
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    No spoke problems on my SCR 2 so far. I haven't found my DA22s to flex, though the rear is slightly out of true (fore-aft, not side-to-side) . Perhaps I'm lucky... or blissfully ignorant :)

    Have an occasional squeak that I eventually traced to the rubber cover on the left hand side of the rear spindle, it sounded a bit like a tyre rubbing.
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    Anyone know where to buy Frame savers (those little sticky plaster thingies that go near contact point between frame and cable?

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    I've got this as well on a SCR 1.0. Its only there when using a fair bit of force, or when out of the saddle.

    I thought it might be the rear hub, but after killing the rear wheel on a pot hole its still there with new wheels.

    Then the mudguards, but they're off now and its still there.

    I also had the chainset changed to a 105 version under warrenty, this apparently included the bottom bracket but I'm not overly convinced they changed it. Would the Truvitiv BB fit a Shimano chainset?

    It is quite annoying, but I've got to live with it! I'm pretty certain its coming from the bottom bracket.
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    I would be pretty sure on the SCR 1 you would have a hollowtech bottom bracket no?

    For the other models I know on the SCR 2 its a square taper truvativ bottom bracket and the noise described and when it occurs definately sounds like a bottom bracket issue.

    I have been considering the SCRs but the square taper bottom brackets are something that I am thinking twice about. I have had them on my mountain bike a few times and know they can be sturdy but for me the quality of a hollowtech bracket would be a better investment.

    105s I believe generally have the hollowtech style external BB.
  • Botton Bracket, mine has gone on my SCR 3 after 500 miles, It seems to be a problem with Giant that they use crap BB's as both my Giant MTB's had the same problem after a similar distance.

    Hmm. I have had the SCR 4.0 for about 8 months now & have suspected the BB for a couple of weeks now. Any recommendations on a new one (sub £20??). Also what tools do I need to change it?

    Is there a sticky anywhere on the site for this kind of work?
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    My SCR Ltd was clicking quite a lot - it sounded like it was coming from the wheels but in the end turned out to be the pedals.

    Make sure that you're using "reasonable" pedals, and that you put some anti-seize grease on the threads. Since switching over to A530s and using some copper grease, the noise has gone!
  • Matt-B
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    Sorry to resurrect a dead topic, but I seem to be having a similar issue with my '08 SCR 2.0.

    Basically, I've had it just over a month, commuting 12 miles a day on it through London. It has also done the odd 20-30 mile ride at weekends. I've cleaned it a couple of times using a sponge and some (very slightly) soapy water. It's been great. It has had a service (first free one) about a week ago, where they sorted out some of the gears (it wasn't shifting onto the large chainring - I guess the cables had stretched?)

    Anyway, increasingly over the last week, I have noticed a clicking, grindy sound which occurs when I turn the bars. It seems to be coming from the headset? I also occasionally get a clicking sound from the pedal/crank/bb area when I'm out of the saddle, or going up hills, whenever I put pressure on basically. I am using some really old pedals (half-inched from my dad) so I thought at first that it could be the bearings going in the pedals, but they can't be causing all these noises, can they?

    Anyone got any suggestions as to what could be causing all these noises?
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    Well I don't have suggestions but I also have a 2008 Scr 2.0 with exactly the same problems. I changed the stem (it was too long so I was going to do it anyway) and the clicking has stopped being so frequent, but occasionally at high intensity and uphill something clicks which sounds like BB.
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    Hi there,

    I had a loud clicking and sometimes a sawing sound when I was climbing out of the saddle. I mentioned this when I took my bike for a service and told them to grease the bottom bracket up pretty good. Well, I haven't had any clicks, knocks, clunks or ticks since.

    I also had a stiff link, but I sorted that out with a SRAM powerlink. Now the bike is silent and smooth.

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    That clicjk you get when you move the handlebars from side to side is due to the plastic ferrules on the gear shifter cable sleeves creaking in the guides on the side of the head tube.. If you hold the ends of the sleeves against the frame then move the handlebars then you don't get the click any more. I tried greasing the outside of the ferrules but there seems to be no way to get rid if the click. Now I just ignore it.
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    A knowledgeable friend has told me that copper grease on the interface between the frame and the BB cups is the answer to clicking BB. My wife was there when he said this, so my chances of a posh new Hollowtech unit went out of the window ;-)

    A sawing sound may be the front mech rubbing the chain due to chainwheel flex, adjusting front trim might help.
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