Hill Climb in Great Malvern 25th May .... Serious Fun.....

bonk man
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Lots of prizes... cheap entry...closed road :D ....

It is the third year of the event and it has been a load of fun watching riders thrashing up the short moderately unpleasant climb in the middle of town. The record is currently 17 secs set by Jason Griffiths of the Wyre Forest club last year. There will be lots of local club riders fighting it out. You can have more than one attempt as long as time allows and we have the road closed from 10 am until 4pm so should be enough for a few go's.

Entry is a quid for over 16 and 50p for under. All abilities welcome..
No club membership required [ not CTT ]
Sponsors are Back on Track Bikes, Echelon, Halfords, Argos, Riding High [cafe, bike museum] Beacon Property Services [the owner is one of our club members] and W.H.Smiths.

The prizes are to many to mention....oh yeh and a couple of interesting trophies if I can get round to making them.

A flyer can be found here http://flickr.com/photos/67774599@N00/2475122281/

Club rides are for sheep


  • bonk man
    bonk man Posts: 1,054
    Any takers then? or are you too scared?
    Club rides are for sheep