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New on here so forgive me if this question has already been asked a gazillion times.

Due to injuries I'm having to give up my one true love - Rugby. I've often cycled as part of my training but generally indoors (spinning, fixed bike). I want to start cycling, but due to a lack of trails where I live it would have to be predominantly on the road.

My current weight is 19st, but because of my rugby it's not an unfit 19st. Would I be able to get a road bike? To be honest they look quite flimsy and I don't want to buy one and then wreck it in 6 months. Or would it be better to get a mountain bike and just put some slicker tyres on it? Or am I making a common noob mistake in assuming there is any difference between the two?



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    Hi - you're not alone on this forum. I think there are plenty of us who have come from the classic team sports having injured ourselves once too often or just got old and want to retain fitness/competativeness!

    My football ended with a cruciate ligament reconstruction (just the last straw after previoius broken arm/nose/ankle ligaments etc) and with every passing year I seem to remember myself being better than I surely was!

    Anyhow back to bikes...I'm not sure about how string the out and out road bikes are but there are two types of bike which would be near as dammit as fast for you and should be a bit tougher for carrying the No 4/5 (?) rugby physique. Both of these should be more comfortable for doing serious miles ont the road, than an MTB with slicks

    Hybrids -are usually flat barred but would have a good strength/speed compromise on the wheels. There are plenty to choose from including some pretty funky designs (I'm thinking about an orbea one with disk brakes)

    Cross bikes are effectively for cross country racing....but with a strengthened road bike rather than a mountain bike. There are loads but Specialized do one that seems highly rated.

    Hope that helps
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    How much do you want to spend? Perhaps custom steel or titanium would be an option? A good custom builder could then optimise the tubing for your weight and power output, and also advise on the best components. I think a lot of the production frames must be designed to be able to take big riders though. Flexing of the rear triangle due to your probably considerable power output might be an important consideration. In any case you'd want to get a really strong set of wheels custom built (not particularly expensive fortunately)
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    Hi Kram

    I had to stop playing rugby a few years ago now due to injury and started road cycling 2 months ago. I have been set doing the Etape next year as a challenge.

    I have already lost 2 stone by the combination of cycling and cutting out snacks. Once you get back on a road bike again as opposed a mountain bike you realise how much easier it is for doing long endurance rides which are obviously going to help weight loss.

    Good luck