mid-high end 1970's Japanese bike bits ?

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does anyone know what sort of mid-high end Japanese bits were available during the poeriod?
I know of Suntour Cyclone was about 1976-77 and Dura-Ace(crane)from about 1973-76 for the first generation stuff, what about Suzue large flange forged hubs when were they current? I need an alloy seatpost in 27.2mm when did all in one alloy seatposts like the Laprade come in? did Suntour or any other Japanese manufacturer make lightweight skewers? were the Suntour power shifters available in a stem mount option, and did anybody make alloy cable stops to fit braze on lever bosses during the period?
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    Tange head sets.Top run pedals.
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    I know some

    Cyclone, a little later? possibly 78?

    about that time

    most seatposts 26.4 or 26.8mm at the time, I'd have thought a 27.2 unlikely, SR Laprade in by 1980 (ish)

    nobody made lightweight skewers at that time. Even Suntour Superbe Pro were chrome steel

    dunno, stem mounted shifters were all crap IIRC

    and finally, no of course they didn't.
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  • I guessed late 70's early 80's for the laprade...the earliest I have seen one is 1979.
    I like the Suntour 'Power-shifters' just wondered if they came in a stem mount option, it's for an E G Bates late 60's tourer hence the need for down tube stops.
    I have a pair of Omas skewers that have alloy ends but as you say chrome levers and I have never seen a Japanese equivalent. I believe these are from about '78'. The earliest(Mk I ) Cyclone reference I have seen is in a 1977 copy of Cycling.
    Thanks for replies please add any further as I am trying to build up a historical 'catalogue' of mid-high end Japanese parts available during the 1970's as well as rebuilding the tourer.
    being a reformed stuntdrinker allows pontification