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Big ShoesBig Shoes Posts: 131
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Hi People,

I have just started Mountain Biking again after a few years off and i am looking at buying a full sus bike, i have got a 2006 GT Hard Tail which i love, my friends all do off road and some downhill so i would like a bike to handle the level i am at now and one that will make me a better rider and handle everything i want to do.
I have tried, Kona Stinky, Kona Coiler, Kona Dawg, Specialized Pitch FSR, Specialized StumpJumper FSR, 1 scott and 1 trek. I liked the 2 Specialized ones the best so am now stuck on which one to buy, The Pitch is £1199 and the Stumpy is £1499, they both ride lovely and the reviews on both are very good, the slaesman a Evans said the Pitch will handle more rough stuff (ie Bigger jumps) but the Stumpy will go uphill better and be better all round!??!
Please help me decide which is best, and more info on either would be helpfull.

Thanks for your help.

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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Ok, you've almost answered this yourself. Choose based on the type of riding you do. If you have your wheels in the air alot the Pitch will be more suitable, if you're more into distance riding the Stumpy will be better.

    The Evans guy is right, the Pitch is more all mountain, that said the Stumpy is pretty robust as well (I've got an 07 model and it can handle more than my skill can :lol: ).

    Check the finishing kit, the Stumpy is likely to better spec components as well.
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  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,594
    i have a 2007 stumpy fsr comp was 1499 new. love it handles everything i can throw at it at the local trail centers!
  • landrangerlandranger Posts: 220
    A lot of people on here swear by the stumpy's and I can see why but, how come no one mentions the Spesh FSR XC?

    Whats wrong with that compared to the Stumpy?

    Just interested that's all. I'm thinking of the FSR XC as my next bike. Looking for light and simple. Easy to service etc.

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  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    The older stumpys are the better, best check the reviews for the new ones has
    they dont have the same reviews of the the older models.

    They have a review on the new stumpy on this site under bikes
    future dont look bright for the newer models.

    I bet they will make the changes on the next year models, all bike manufacturers
    do this.

    Take as many test bikes you can and try them on your fav trails.
  • brandfreakbrandfreak Posts: 137
    I have a 2007 FSR xc and recently tried a Stumpy at Cannock Chase, liked mine more. Will be testing an Orange 5 at the weekend :wink:
  • Have a look at this............

    ........brilliant bike but I prefer my road bike.
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