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Bearing Grease Alternative Instead Of Finishline

jedi_masterjedi_master Posts: 888
edited May 2008 in MTB buying advice
I'm after trying a new grease for the bearings in my rear wheel as the finishline teflon grease i use at the moment seems a little thin, just took the axle out and there doesn't seem to be much grease left on the bearings and the last time i done the rear wheel which wasn't that long ago i put alot of grease in there and i was expecting to see a bit more still there than there is. So i'm after something that's thicker and longer wearing.

Was looking at Rock N Roll Super Web Grease which the user reviews have said is thicker, i was also looking at Park Tool Polylube 1000 Grease. Anyone have much experience with these to give me a option? Any others ? maybe a lithium based grease as it's for bearings.


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