Hack bike is too big!

shmo Posts: 321
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Bought a new bike recently which was properly fitted and since riding it I've come to realise that my old bike which has been reduced to commuting/turbo duty is just too big for me. Had the old bike for about 15 months and never was 100% happy with it despite pushing the saddle almost as far forward as it'll go and fiddling with the handlebar position.It has a 100mm stem so I could change that for a shorter one but even doing that the reach won't be the same as my new bike which just feels perfect.

Was also planning on using the old bike over winter but don't enjoy riding it around anymore knowing how comfortable I am on the other bike. It's a 2007 Giant SCR 2.0 size Large bought Feb last year which I thought would last me for years but now I'm thinking how/where could I sell it to create enough cash to buy a second hand hack bike for commuting/turbo/winter that fits properly. Or maybe I should just get the shorter stem and stick with it. Basically spent too much cash already on bikes this year so whatever I do it needs to be as inexpensive as possible.

Sort me out, please!