Rare Stuff?

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Some unusual looking parts on this

Bates Ideal Bicycle 1937

on th'bay - and the seller has another oddity also.

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  • NorwegianBlue
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    I like it, but why do I get the impression that somebody has bought every odd bit they could find at bike jumbles and bolted them all to the same bike?
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  • bagpusscp
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    A bitsa .As are most bikes of that age . It would be unusal for any bike ridden hard to survive without new parts etc...Any bike I have owned from new has also had upgrades. :wink:
  • NorwegianBlue
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    I agree, and most of my bikes have been bitsas, there's not an original part attached to the frame of my day to day bike. What surprises me about this one is that it's a bitsa where everything is right out of left field.
    "Swearing, it turns out, is big and clever" - Jarvis Cocker
  • SamWise72
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    It's probably a bitsa to some extent, but I have a 1940 Bates BAR with the same stem, and the fork is, of course, original too. Not sure about the rest

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