Which factory wheels for heavy rider?

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I am looking for some new factory wheels , but due to my weight 98kgs ,am concerned particularly about spoke failure etc, lower end budget such as aksiums fsa rd 88 etc any recommendations.? My shimano r550 rear wheel has broken a couple of spokes , so time to change.


  • sicrow
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    Mavic Open Sports, strong and durable
  • redddraggon
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    Have a look at the Fulcrum and Campag wheels they are pretty robust.
    sicrow wrote:
    Mavic Open Sports, strong and durable

    Factory Wheels?
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  • Brian B
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    Mavic ES wheels. I have two pairs and they have been bombproof. I weigh in at 88kgs and been fine for me. They are pricey though but worth it.
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  • gkerr4
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    fulcrum racing 3's always get a good write up as being suitable for the heavier lads.
  • Campy King
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    Fulcrum Racing 1, I broke Mavic ES's and replaced them with these. I would recommend them to anyone.
  • morrisje
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    The Easton Orion 2's are advertised as being suitable for the heavier, stronger rider.

    http://www.pearsoncycles.co.uk/product/ ... OAD_WHEELS

    I've got a pair and have had no problems - although I weigh 19kgs less !
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    Another Fulcrum 3 devotee. 2k miles and still absolutely spot on. My weight varies between 12st 9lbs and 12st 4lbs (78-80kgs) so not a real heavyweight but no flyweight either.
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    Velocity make some nice factory wheels. How about Mavic Classics Pro? You'll have to stalk ebay for those mind.
  • chopper1
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    I'd go with anything Mavic, i had the R550's and they lost there trueness quickly and i've broken spokes, i'm not a 'heavy' rider either, i've got the Aksiums on my training bike and the Kysiums on my racer, cant fault them!
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    I ride a Synapse Flat Bar 105 and daren't use the Shimano RS10's that came with it (new rim with no track record, etc) so i got a pair of Roval PAVE SL's which have been good and are light (in context to me at 17.5 stone!)

    They were £200 quid - not sure how that fits in with the competition.

    Cannondale Synapse is good though - it weighed 20.25 pounds stock (56cm frame) and I'm hoping that in a year or two I'll have earned a proper road bike if I can lose a couple of stone.
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    i have rigida nova wheels on my carrera bike and im knocking on 17st and they are fine. have bike a year now and doing up to 70 miles per week some times more. not sure in you came buy them of shelf but have to say its a good wheel.
  • JesseD
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    Planet X Model C wheels!

    I am about your weight and give these wheels some stick and they are still true!

    The only issue I has with them is the freehub siezed up, which after cleaning has run properly ever since.

    These wheels aren't bling but if you want sturdy well built wheels which won't break and won't break the bank then you could do a lot worse.

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    I am a rugby player and weigh 95kgs . I have trashed several shimano wheels and bought a pair of Mavic Askiums on the recommendation from another 'Heavy!' rider. They have remained true all winter.