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Somehow, I've ended up with a second bike in my (now) collection!

A second hand road bike to compliment by hybrid (i.e. go faster when it's nice weather). It's a 2004 Saracen alu frame, with Sora shifters and 2200 mechs. I feel very happy with what I paid for it. Chain needs a clean and oil, breaks need a bit of a service... but thinking of taking it for a spin tonight. Sure it may have been quite cheap in its day, but 4 years is only 4 years, and I got a much better spec'd bike that I thought for well under £100 (after looking on Fleabay).

:D Might need a 20-30mm shorter stem, but will see how I get on.

As an aside, I couldn't find details on how the Sora/2200 ranges have changed over time. Is there somewhere I can find the details of my 2004 shifters on the Shimano site?


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    havnt seen anything on the shimano site except 07 and 08, the newer 08 being 9 speed i belive :(
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    The only difference appears to that the latest Sora shifters have an adjustable reach for the brake lever. ST2200 components still use identical part numbers, so are the same.
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    I'd just heard that Shimano updates its parts, sometimes without making it clear.

    And yes, there are new Sora shifters with gear indicators. But I did find the older plans on the USA site. Cheers.

    To my dismay tho, last night I worked out the gearing ratios. Tiny bit faster than my hybrid... ish. Thanks to the great Sheldon Brown calculator, with the wheel sizes included, my hybrid has a faster top gear! The 32's make the wheel diameter that bit bigger than the 23's on the road bike. Despite a higher ratio, the lower rollout!

    Not too concerned, as I have a better selection of higher ratios. But to my dismay, the road bike doesn't drop down to my usual hybrid hill climbing level, no no, it's about 2-3 gears higher (52/42, no compact here!) I tried that ratio for about 1min last night before giving up!
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    "a faster top gear! "

    Gears may be higher or lower - not FASTER! That's a function of the pedalling effort!!
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