Back seat drivers :o)

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Was cycling my usual route to work this morning when a pratt in a 4x4 pulled out of a junction on the right, cut across in front of me and immediately pulled in to a parking space on the left. :evil:

So, as I am forced to swing out around his rear end (fortunately there was nothing behind me... though that just made it seem worse as if he'd just waited ten seconds he'd have had the road to himself) I shook my head and muttered (audibly) words of which my mother wouldn't approve. It's a fairly glorious day today so he had his window open and clearly heard my dissaproval (as was intended) and starts to scream abuse at me.

I didn't really pay any attention to what he said (it obviously wasn't flattering though) but then I heard a woman start to shout too. Somewhat surprised, I stopped and turned to see what was going on, half expecting to see his female passenger pressed against the windscreen and giving me the finger.

She wasn't though. She was turned in her seat waving that finger at the driver instead. She'd opened both barrells and was busy reprimanding him for a) driving like a pratt and b) shouting at the cyclist he'd nearly hit.

Made my day! :lol:


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