claud butler road bikes

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any advice are they good bad,heavy light...only ever owned mountain bikes now looking at doing some road stuff......claud butler are the bikes my LBS stock......thanks in advance


  • Eat My Dust
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    My first modern road bike was a CB Milano '05 and I loved it, in fact I still have it as a back up bike. TBH I think for their price range they're much the same as other bikes. I bought mines because I liked the paint job!
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    One of my colleques in work has had one for about 9 months, really likes it. Uses it for commuting everyday, had the chain snap once, apart from that its been fine. Looks good value for money to me.
  • everogere
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    I had a claud butler road bike for many years and done hundreds of miles on it. I upgraded bits as they wore out until eventually last year I sold it to a mate who wanted to try road bikes. I bought a spec allez sport and although it it obviously somewhat lighter in my opinion the ride is not much different to the claud butler. It is a bike I loved and my mate now feels the same. Go for it.
  • Gav2000
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    I have a CB Vicenza with Campagnolo Xenon gears etc. It is over 2 years old now and has been very reliable. It was very good value for money when I got it and apart from new tyres and a series of saddles (to try to get a comfortable one) it's as it was delivered.


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  • Andy140
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    I have CB road bike, although touring type CroMofrom St Johns Street cycles in Bridgewater. Use it commute to work with rack and mudguards. Just over 6000 miles at present with no probs at all.
  • hodsgod
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    They are good bikes for the money, i boufght one in 95, it was agreat bike. Good value for money and reliable.

    Some people look down on them because they are not a "flash" brand.
  • don2wonder
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    Does anybody know if the Claud Butler Roubaix Triple is any good? Weight and reliability? My budget doesnt really stretch to a Giant SCR 3 at the moment and I would like the extra gears for hills.
    The Claud Butler is £350 here:

    A good bike to go for as a beginner or are there better ones in that price range, like possibly the Raleigh Airlite 200? Cheers for any advice!
  • don2wonder
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    Any comments on the Levante would also b much appreciated :D
  • aznulrizal
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    I don't think CB bikes really offer good value for money. Look at the specs carefully, and you’ll notice that the ranges of CB road bikes below £350 are equipped with very basic (cheap but not necessarily crap) specs. You can easily spot the SORA shifters, but with ‘STI’ Derailleur or ‘A-050’ bla bla etc. That’s why CB managed to get the price down because all these cheap Shimano Mech.

    Big brand bikes like Giant, Specialized, Scott, Cannondale don’t really have their bikes with these cheap specs as they normally start at SORA specs as the lowest… when I said SORA, that normally the whole groupsets, not just the shifters!! And their ranges start to get more expensive for higher specs like TIAGRA, 105, ULTEGRA, RECORD etc. Anyway, CB does have these similar high end specs and their prices are almost as pricey as other big names in road bike manufacturing.

    So, don’t get fooled. Study the specs carefully… not just looking at the shifters, pay attention to crankset, Derailleur, chainset etc.