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Fox Float 140 travel wierdness

dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
edited May 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Ok its a friends bike but its got me confused and we'd like any ideas.
08 Fox Float 140 forks (judging by colour i'd say 08, no stickers but silver and shape is 08 type). bought 2nd hand from the good old 'bay.
They came with "120mm" travel and we followed the instructions in the manual to extend it to the full 140mm but it seems like it won't get past dead on 4". Rode cwmcarn today and there was a dirt ring round the stanchion at 100mm/4 inches exactly.
basically you take out the spacers to achieve 140mm travel which is what we did and then put oil etc back in. could we have done something wrong?
any help!


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    How much stanchion is exposed? So its set at 140mm, but will only compress to 100? Too much air, or oil?
  • dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
    There is about another 50mm of stanchion exposed above the dirt line.
    Its set at 140mm apparently according to instructions, only compresses to 100,
    There's not that much air in them. i'm lighter than him and bouncing on them i could feel them softly bottoming out at 100mm. ie no clunk but certainly they wouldn't go any further.
    oil... i doubt it. in the left leg where the spacers were and we removed we had a measuring syringe and put the correct amount of oil in.
    a case for mojo? thought i'd ask here first.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Yeah, summats amiss - they should compress all the way down with the air removed.
  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    How were they sold IE Sold has seen ! If sold being fully working
    get your money back, even better if you had a copy of the e-bay advert.

    Saying that I think e-bay would have a copy of this, in case of such problems.

    Other than that call Mojo and ask for there technical department, and
    go from there.
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