SCOTT Speedster S40 vs SPECIALIZED Sports Allez 27?

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need some opinion here... both bikes as mentioned above have similar specs: tiagra, carbon forks with alumimnium/alloy steerer. I was also told that both bikes are suitable for entry level rider who is looking for upgrade (correct me if i'm wrong). And both fall within my budget (Scott: 669 and Specialized: 699)... so the 30 quid different is not really that much for me to simply go for Scott. I would welcome other sort of opinion such as how the geometry, feel, reputation (i'm more aware that Specialized has been around the pro tour longer) of both makes etc... if there're any riders who haved experienced of riding the above bikes, please help.


  • chopsocky
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    I was looking at the same bikes and plumped for the Specialized. Been a great bike, light and comfortable (now that i changed the angle of the bars) no problems with it so far. Very pleased with it.

    The only downside to it is that there are no mounts for mudguards so if you are planning a commute on it then you might have to look around for some to fit, but this didnt bother me personnely.