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Light XC bars not too wide

kpr1969kpr1969 Posts: 112
edited May 2008 in MTB buying advice
Just got a 19" Rock Lobster Team Ti but the fella I bought it off is 6,4" so the bike has long bars..(690mm bar end to bar end). Was looking at getting something a little narrower as i'm 5,11 on a tall day. Lookin at something light, strength not really an issue as I wont be jumping or dropping from heights, at least I hope I wont. Seat post is a biggy too so could probably save a few grams getting a shorter one. think he said the seatpost was 390mm both easton. bars ea50 seatpost ea70. probably be looking to sell if I get hold of some replacements.
any recommendations. like the eastons


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