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My girlfriend had a pilot 2.1 but unfortunately wrote it off by crashing down the chimney at rosedale! Were looking to try and get something similar so that we can do some more fast touring. Unfortunately, Trek have discontinued pilot bikes and now none of their road bikes have eyelets to take a rack. Can anyone recommend another good lightweight bike with eyelets? Help would be much appreciated - thanks!


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    The only bike from the top of my head which i know supports your needs is a Kona Sutra @ £900. There will obviously be more though.

    I wanted a Pilot and was gitted that Treak stopped making them, i opted for an allez instead
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    Did you not see the sign at the top ? :lol: Have you thought about the Kenesis Racelight, lovely lines, mudgaurd clearance, rack mounts and comfortable for all day riding. ... 0-%20Mocha

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    My Trek 1.2 WSD has rack eyelets, which is one of the reasons I chose it. Now I can't bear to put a rack on it and spoil it's beautiful lines :roll:
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    the specialized tricross is fundamentally a cyclocross bike, but I think it would be absolutely perfect, a friend has it and is touring from florida to vancouver, he has got to denver so far and is so pleased with it.

    Check it out: Tricross
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    Giant SCR? Should have a slightly raised position like the Trek.
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    forgot to show a link for the bikeradar review of the tricross they liked a lot.
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    John - we did see the sign at the top but now I wish we'd taken more notice of it! We actually went back there on Saturday (in the car) to have a look at the scene of the accident. It was strange seeing other cyclists coming down and looking very comfortable. I think our biggest problem was that it was a damp day and there could have been salt on the rims.

    Thanks for the suggestions which we'll check out - much more helpful than the bike shop who told us what we couldn't have rather than what we could. My girlfriend spotted a brand new 2007 Pilot for sale near London. I think she's keen on getting the same bike because it was a good fit and perfect for the light, fast touring that we do.

    Thanks again