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Wicked , i have just joined my first forum! How cool is that. Im new to road cycling but have ridden and raced MTB's for years, still have and use my trusty old Kona NuNu. Fancied a change and the road bike makes sense as i think it motivates me more to get out and ride. Got my 2007 Giant SCR 2.0 :D 2 weeks ago after much research and consideration. I didn't want to spend a fortune on my 1st road bike, got a great price on it. Got it from RUTLAND Cycling.....very impressed with the level of customer service. Due to a back injury tonight was the first proper ride, did 15 miles (not a lot i know) and i loved every minute of it, so easy to keep the pedals spinning and momentum going. However i did get a dull ache in the top of my leg/hip (jeez im only 26), im guessing maybe due to lack of use of that muscle??? Or maybe i need to sort the riding position?? That aside i loved it and i can see me and my Giant having many happy miles. Ordered my Cycle computer today, ordering my clipless pedals and shoes tomorrow and heading to Aldi for a cheap pair of spare bib shorts.....loving this cycling caper again. Anyway that's my story and now you know who i am. Happy cycling guys and dolls. Keep the wheels spinning and beavers grinning...roll on the weekend. :D


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    All sounds pretty good there, Mike.
    Rutland wil help you out with that 'dull ache' if it continues, but I guess you know that anyway.

    As for starting off with a cheaper bike, I give it 3 months before you start a thread entitled:- 'What's the best bike I can get for £5,000'. :lol:
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    3 months pah, it won't take that long I reckon 2 weeks :twisted:
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    Welcome aboard gent 8)
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    Thanks POSTIEJOHN, JESSED AND BRONZIE. In reference to the 2 weeks before i want a £5000 bike PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE don't be putting ideas in my head!!! I need no encouragment. The money i have spent on XC, freeride and downhill bikes over the years is scary! :shock: I got my bike online from Rutland as im up in Scotland so it will have to be my LBS for advice on the "dull ache" or speak to a few guys in my local area, the road cycling network seem to be a bit readier to divulge hints, tips and info on all matters cycling. Anyway it's a cracking day up here in Scotland 8) so im away to get back in the saddle. Have a nice weekend too all, i hope you all get out on your £5000 flyers!!! Laters people. :D
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    Welcome 1981miked. The dull ache might be the seat being too high and you're over-extending or the fore/aft position of your seat. Others with more experience will chip in but I'm sure I read somewhere (on Hewitt's site perhaps?) that it is quite common for people to have their seat too far forward. Glad its a good day where you are, its just started chucking it down in Glasgow!
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    Thanks IGA, ill give that a try, im still fettling with the riding position so i guess it's a bit of trial and error. I did think it was maybe down to the seat fore/aft movement, so your saying it could be too far forward?? the height felt fine and i didn't feel i was overstretched to get the pedals, i did feel my arms locking a couple of times but i think that's me just being used to 'riding downhill bars on my mtb's. I can't believe i didn't try a road bike before, it's so much easier to keep it going. Thanks again IGA and to everybody who was welcomed me to the road cycling world, any further tips and hints for a newbie would be very much appreciated.
    P.S it's looking like it's away to chuck it down near Dundee 2!!! :(