chain stay protector ?

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a question in c/wkly asked about home made protectors,never seen any ads for them for road bikes?do road bikes suffer the same probs as mtb's and would it be wise to fit one when i get my road bike ?
P.S. new bike comes 2moz!!!!!!
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  • piedwagtail91
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    i round the ends of a strip of good quality black insulation tape and stick it on the lasts for a couple of years, then i replace it with the same.from a distance you can't tell what it's made of.
    before that i bought some hi tec ones from the shop until i finally got fed up with them coming unstuck.
  • meagain
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    Get a Shimano XT "shark fin" and zip tie it (can sometimes be found on ebay for all of 99p!).
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