How about getting these photographers for Sportives?

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Last year I did the Wild Wales Challenge......A good lad managed to guide me to photos a couple had taken on Bwlch Y Groes(equal toughest climb in UK IMO)...when I looked at the quailty I was just gobsmacked...they are Graham Watson quality:-

I was in this photo:- ... 5#80188149

I wrote to them and thanked them for taking the time to capture these images and explained who I was in the photo...they then got back to me and told me they had a better one of me which hadn't been uploaded:- ... 5#12589301

I was over the moon with that one...what a brilliant keepsake for one of my best memories..conquering the Mighty Bwlch Y Groes....and you can see the huge amount of effort I required...very rewarding indeed.

The Couple then told me that had only taken up photography a year ago! and that they were asked to enter one of there photo's for a competition...they won bloody wonder have a look at Rob Hayles in the Manchester Velodrome...what about this!

I reckon they are the best photo shots of any cycling event I've seen and I'd love to see them at the big Sportives.....outstanding!