rear cassette hg 50 shimano

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at the moment my bike has a shimano hg 50 8 speed 12 25 im going to change the wheels but want another hg50 to put on them 8 speed 12 25 but the weight of the sora one is 385 grammes on ribble cycles site, is that a normal weight it seems a bit heavy


  • redddraggon
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    Don't worry about the weight.
    I like bikes...

  • gkerr4
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    it is an entry-level component so it's not going to be the lightest thing

    that said - cassettes are heavy things - even the £200+ titanium jobs see to be 250ish grams

    i found it worth buying the HG70 models I have to admit - tiagra grade. The seem not muchmore money from the 50 and much less than the next one up (105) - in my book, a better price / performance ratio
  • andy_wrx
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    Try a SRAM 8sp - 220g apparently. ... elID=17901

    I think the SRAM cassettes are far better than the equivalent-price Shimano cassettes, more cut-outs so lighter and with better coatings. Shifting performance will be about the same, particuclarly if - as it's 8sp - you're running Sora shifters.