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Evans - Cycle to work Scheme

Chewy CheeksChewy Cheeks Posts: 234
edited May 2008 in Commuting chat
We have been advised this morning a cycle to work scheme has been started with Evans.

Is there any advice about the good/bad and indifferent parts of this service.

The prospect of getting a new shiny road bike at a significant price advantage appeals on the face of it. :?:
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  • andylaw79andylaw79 Posts: 28
    I might be wrong on this but it might be worth checking.

    I looked into some cycle to work schemes myself and I think the bike remains property of the company at the end of the 12 month period and you may have to make an extra payment at market value to make the bike your property.

    You still get the bike at a discounted rate but that kind of put me off a bit.
  • GrantyBoyGrantyBoy Posts: 166
    yes but its a payment that you and your company decide on. Could be 1p, could be £1,000,000.
    Don't let that final payment to your company put you off.
  • Chewy CheeksChewy Cheeks Posts: 234
    Thanks Chaps

    Got the good folks to clarify - it looks like its a £0.01 exchange at the end of the term.

    I'm having italian and celestial blue dreams, along with arguments with the missus
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