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building a hardtai, what frame?l

kenonekenone Posts: 113
edited April 2008 in MTB buying advice
Right, sold my hardtail early this year to get a full suss (which is great). Last weekend i punctured the lowers on my forks in wales :cry: so this week my mate lent me his hardtail to ride the local trails and i have to get another one!
I want a fairly light and sturdy steed but havent got a big wedge at the minute, so was thinkin of buying bits and pieces when i can and build it up. Seeing as the exchange rate is so feckin good against the $ im wondering if i should import the frame from the states as i may be able to swipe a bargain?
Most of the riding is gonna be fairly flat forest trails and im trying to learn to jump abit better so a strong frame is essential and singlespeed maybe an option.
To be honest i aint even been riding bikes for a whole year again yet so my knowledge is limited but im very practical and keen so any ideas of frames or even whole builds would be much appreciated.
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